Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So Long I Know

I know it's been ages since I last posted. Been really stressed and down about things. This building thing is far more hard work emotionally than I  thought.

Long story short- we are in the process of changing banks. The bank we were with originally were just so damn unhelpful and took weeks and lots of calling to even tell us anything. I contacted NAB and they have been super helpful and always replying straight away. So now we have filled out the paperwork and moving across any day now.

In the meantime I am still keen on the Country/Scandinavian look. We already planning a pretty neutral decor anyway but I am currently also fond of pastels (particularly mint) and copper being used in the decor. My favourite lighting store Ivory and Deene, has just started getting in some gorgeous copper lighting and KMart has heaps of pastels and copper accessories right now. If only we were ready to decorate now like I had hoped :/

Here are just a few of the KMart accessories I am loving:


Sunday, November 1, 2015

So tired.... *Warning Ranty Post Ahead*

... of waiting! I feel like most of the process so far has just been waiting. I have avoided updating my blog as I wanted some news to write but no such luck. We are currently just waiting again. This time for loan approval. Our bank has been a total pain to deal with. We supply them with the documents they ask for and the after not hearing from them we hassle until they finally contact us and just get asked for more documents :/ It's been 2 and a half weeks now since we applied and they still haven't called our employers like they said they would. We will be giving them an angry phone call on Tues. If this continues we will just apply at a different bank. It's a bit of a blow when we have been great customers for over 10 years- never defaulting a payment. It's not even the length of time so much as the lack of communication unless we chase it up. Grrrrrr

In the mean time I have just been changing my mind on the decor again. I think partly because the process has been so long so every time I think I know what I want I change my mind so that I have something to do LOL. Haven't changed my mind dramatically but have decided I want a more Country/Scandinavian look rather than a more traditional Country look. After living in a cluttered house due to lack of storage I just want to live relatively clutter free. I don't want completely modern and minimalist Scandinavian though, more the traditional Scandinavian style of a simple colour palette and clean lines in the furniture but personality injected into it in the soft furnishings and art.

Hopefully next update will be a lot better. I just want to break ground dammit!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Well That Was Quicker....

than we expected! The day after my last post we received our building permission! I was expecting it to take a couple of months not a couple of weeks Haha. No issues or changes needed so that's fantastic. I was told so many horror stories and in the end it was fast and easy so I am so pleased.

Now to move to finance. We contacted the bank today and got a checklist of what we need. We have most things but we need to save 5% deposit. Should have it in a month though and then hopefully the bank will be as easy to deal with as Council ended up being. Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's In...

Plans are in council for approval as of 2 weeks ago. YAY!! We didn't need to worry about half the forms and things that I thought we needed. No planning permission needed or soil tests due to a house already existing. My husband went into the council building and got them to help him fill them out to make sure we did it correctly- really wouldn't want to have to resubmit. We got an email a few days after we put them letting us know they'd been forwarded to the building surveyor.

So now we wait again....

Also I've changed my mind on almost every single colour choice (of course!) so I'll post up the newest selections soon. Don't know why I bother given how often I change them Haha.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Things Are Starting

It's been awhile... again! A lot has been happening though :D

First of all we welcomed our new baby girl into the world on the 6th of July. She's absolutely perfect and has slotted into the family very easily. We are all smitten with her! Breastfeeding has been easy for the first time and the larger gap means I'm really enjoying the newborn phase this time around. As she's definitely our last baby I'm savouring every moment :)

On house news we got our quote and it's even better than I hoped! $13, 591+GST for everything except painting, appliances, light fittings and window furnishings. That also includes doing up our existing bathroom. We've all signed the contract as of yesterday so now we can finally go to council and hope it gets through!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Always Waiting

Just a quick post to say we are waiting once again. Still need to get a quote from my brother in law for the build. He's on holidays though so not sure when that will happen. I was hoping to get the process started with council before the birth of the baby but that won't happen now.

Which brings me to the second thing we are waiting on which is the birth of our bub. I am really getting over it now and happy to be nearing the end of this pregnancy. Only 15 more days until I get to meet my little girl (and have a glass of wine!).

I did have piccies of more paint colours but my daughter has broken my phone so it will have to wait until it's repaired. Thank goodness my husband is handy at these things!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Paint Colours

Okay back again to go through the paint colour choices so far (which as we know are very liable to change at least another 50 times)!! Please excuse my terrible photos.

First are my (new) choices for the exterior. All colours are by Dulux:

Mint Twist is the top colour. As the name suggests it's a mint colour. This one will be for the front door and for my window boxes.
Meniscus is the middle colour and is a light grey. This will be the colour for all the weatherboards.
Woodland Grey is the bottom colour. This is a colorbond colour and the colour for our roof. It's also the colour I'd like to paint the porch.
Vivid White is to the side and is the colour for all the trim. So windows, doors and posts for the verandah and porch. This will also be used inside on all the trim too :)

Next is Kitchen:

Distant Shore is the blue and it's by British Paints. I like it because it's a dirtier light blue rather than a bright one. This will go along the back wall of the kitchen and on the back and sides of the island.
Soyanut is the bench top I'd like to use. It's a good quality cut-to-measure laminate and it's pretty cheap which is important with a small budget!

Master Bedroom are all Dulux:

French Limestone up the top is for the walls.
Mildura on the bottom will be for the barn doors to add a bit of contrast.

Eldest Son's Room are also all Dulux:

Top left is Symphony Red. Not 100% sure about this red yet but the red will be used as a stripe around the room, the Union Jack on his desk and his bunk beds.
Vivid White is top left. As well as the trim he will also have it for two thinner white stripes either side of the red stripe.
Passionate Blue on the bottom will be the wall colour and his desk colour.

I grabbed so many paint samples that I forgot to grab colours for my middle son's room so will have to go back another day. So onto the Girls' room. These ones are both British Paints colours:

Temperate Tide is the top colour and is actually quite a bright aqua in real life. It didn't photograph very well. This will be the main wall colour.
Pink Perfume will be the colour of the Argyle diamonds on the feature wall as well as the colour for the cube unit.

I'll go Half Strength with these two.

So that's all for now :)